How to Lead a Bible Study

This week as I’ve been training students on campus how to lead a small group Bible study, I’ve been reminded at how little training small group leaders often get before they lead a Bible study. With effective training, small groups will be more likely to grow, keep leaders, and develop disciples who spiritually multiply. So […]

Love God with All Your Soul!

I’ve got a teenager who’s struggling a little bit with being rebellious, as many teenagers do. In fact, I’m sure this is just payback for the many times I was rebellious toward my parents, the law, and just about every other authority in my life while growing up. If you’ve read one of my books, […]

The Power of a Simple Thank You

Have you ever gone to great lengths to care for someone and then never received a “thank you” for your acts of service or love? Well, I have four kids, so as one can guess, I miss out on a lot of thank you’s for my time and acts of service. In fact, I’ve also […]