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College students give their definitions of what it means to be an authentic Christian.

Definition of Authentic Christianity by Chelsea Henson, Charleston Southern

Being an authentic Christian means having faith in God and believing without a doubt that God sent his Son to die for your sins and the only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus. It is a Christian that is honest on the inside and out. Someone that lives what they preach and true […]

Definition of Authentic Christianity by Alex Kirby, College of Charleston

Authentic Christianity is simple. It is love; love for GOD, love for yourself, and love for others. Everything in GOD’s word goes back to love, and it is in that love that there is power we do not understand; power that captures the hearts of men, turning them back to their Creator, Father, and the […]

Definition of Authentic Christianity by Joye Lee, Charleston Southern

When I think of authentic Christianity I think of Christians who are real, the epitome of living in the world but not of it. They impact the people around them by just living a spirit filled life.

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