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These are the things God, my family, and other followers of Christ have taught me over the years that I thought I’d pass along to you.

Driving Lessons

Teaching your fifteen year-old son to drive is no small task. Kids. They grow up too fast. Two days ago, I allowed my son Wyatt to drive home after we got hair cuts, and boy, let me tell you it was an experience! Up to that point, he’d only driven in parking lots and around […]

Adoption – What Does it Mean For Us?

Since I became an adoptive father six years ago, one metaphor about God that has connected with me the most is adoption. Since I use that metaphor in a lot in conversations I have, I thought I’d share an interaction I had a few years ago with my adopted daughter Josilynn that illustrates what it […]

How to Lead a Bible Study

This week as I’ve been training students on campus how to lead a small group Bible study, I’ve been reminded at how little training small group leaders often get before they lead a Bible study. With effective training, small groups will be more likely to grow, keep leaders, and develop disciples who spiritually multiply. So […]

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