Girls on BikesOne of the fastest ways to grow spiritually is to find a more mature believer of the same gender and have them mentor you.  This is where an older believer passes on the things they have learned about being an authentic follower of Christ.  Whether you are looking for someone to mentor you or you need a guide to help you mentor others, this page is for you. To read Chad Young’s article on what spiritual mentorship looks like, click on the following link, which will give you the tracks to run on as you desire to grow and help others to grow: A GUIDE TO SPIRITUAL MENTORSHIP.

There are three phases to mentoring, outlined below:

1) Follow up – Every believer needs to go through follow-up, where they learn the basics of Christianity. Far too often people receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord, but then no one ever follows up with them. This is one of the reasons so many Christians struggle in their faith and never mature. The first thing we always do in follow up is take people through the Life Concepts follow up, found at CruPress Green. To access these first five critical follow ups, click the link below and go to CruPress Green. There is a leader’s guide and a student’s guide for each one.


2) Challenging to Discipleship – We would strongly advise you not to start mentoring someone until you’ve challenged them to discipleship. If you’ve gone through the Life Concepts follow ups above and the person is faithful, available and teachable, then challenge them and have them pray about it. Some people aren’t ready to be mentored, and by challenging them, you will find out if they are and if it’s something they feel led to do. The best article on challenging someone to discipleship can be found on The Compass on CruPress Green. Click the link below to access The Compass and scroll down to find the article “Challenging to Discipleship.” You’ll note there are a lot of other valuable articles on CruPress Green that you’ll find helpful as well as you’re mentoring someone.


3) Sharpening – Another word for mentoring is sharpening.  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).

There are three areas of Biblical mentoring:  a) sharpening character, b) sharpening skills and c) sharpening vision and goals.  It’s best to use wisdom to discern which areas need the most attention.  There may be one which needs a lot of attention before you move on to the others, or you may be able to give equal attention to all three areas.  In order for a disciple of Christ to have a maximum impact for Christ, they must develop maturity in all three.

a) Sharpening Character

The following is an article that describes what this area of discipleship looks like:
Sharpening Character

Resources to help sharpen character:

i)  Tips On Having a Quiet Time Document

ii) Relationship Bar Graph

iii) Personal Purity

iv)  The Matthew 18 Principle

v)  Accountability

vi)  Accountability Partners

vii)  How To Journal

viii) The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

b)  Sharpening Skills

The following is an article that describes what this area of discipleship looks like:
Sharpening Skills

Resources to help sharpen skills:

i)  How to Lead a Prayer Meeting

ii) How to Study the Bible Effectively

iii)  How To Lead a Small Group

iv)  Communicating Your Testimony

Here’s an example of UNC-Chapel Hill student Allison Broome sharing her personal testimony:


v)  Time Management – A Balancing Act

c)  Sharpening Vision and Goals

The following is an article that describes what this area of discipleship looks like:
Sharpening Vision and Goals

Resource to help sharpen vision and goals:

i)  Developmental Questions

ii)  Vision, Values and Goals Worksheet

iii)  Discerning God’s Will

Other Helpful Discipleship Materials:

Planning Questions For Discipleship Appointments

Semester Discipleship Planning Table

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