The Life of Jesus: Jesus the Word

During the next three months, I’ll be studying the life of Jesus as I write a book for graduate students. As I’m processing what I’m learning, I’ll be posting short devotionals to share what I’ve learned. This week, I’ve been studying John 1:1-3 (ESV): “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with […]

Unwanted by Others, Wanted by God

We’ve all felt unwanted at some time in our lives, right? You know the feeling, I’m sure. This past Sunday, I spoke at a church in rural SC, and afterward a teenage girl, “Rachel,” who is a junior in high school came and talked to me. When I asked her about how she came to […]

Deep in Our Hearts We Long for Redemption

Have you ever noticed how every good fictional book and every good movie has a redemption story? Think about it. Every good Disney movie, every good mystery novel, and even most horror movies have a plot that centers around a need and desire for a redemptive ending. In fact, my wife and I recently went […]

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