Encountering Jesus

One of my exciting projects this summer has been a new book for graduate students entitled Encountering Jesus. Of course, when you write a book with that title and read dozens of passages in the Bible to explore the life and works of Jesus, you can’t help but to encounter Jesus yourself! One passage that […]

Adoption – What Does it Mean For Us?

Since I became an adoptive father six years ago, one metaphor about God that has connected with me the most is adoption. Since I use that metaphor in a lot in conversations I have, I thought I’d share an interaction I had a few years ago with my adopted daughter Josilynn that illustrates what it […]

The Life of Jesus: Jesus the Word

During the next three months, I’ll be studying the life of Jesus as I write a book for graduate students. As I’m processing what I’m learning, I’ll be posting short devotionals to share what I’ve learned. This week, I’ve been studying John 1:1-3 (ESV): “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with […]

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