Unwanted by Others, Wanted by God

We’ve all felt unwanted at some time in our lives, right? You know the feeling, I’m sure. This past Sunday, I spoke at a church in rural SC, and afterward a teenage girl, “Rachel,” who is a junior in high school came and talked to me. When I asked her about how she came to […]

Deep in Our Hearts We Long for Redemption

Have you ever noticed how every good fictional book and every good movie has a redemption story? Think about it. Every good Disney movie, every good mystery novel, and even most horror movies have a plot that centers around a need and desire for a redemptive ending. In fact, my wife and I recently went […]

The Importance of Genuine Community

Someone once told me, “There’s no such thing as staying the same in your relationship with Jesus. You’re always either getting closer to him or growing more distant.” In my experience, the same statement above could be said of any relationship, and the reason it’s true is because relationships are so personal. You can’t personally […]

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