Definition of Authentic Christianity by Ty Carver, Morehead State

Sadly authentic Christianity is something that most people never see. I didn’t see it until college and I grew up in the church. When it is lived out, you see peace, vulnerability, and an authentic love for God and for others that can only come from Jesus.

Definition of Authentic Christianity by Daniel Walters, The College of Charleston

Authentic Christianity is eternal. It is giving every waking moment to glorify the God that paid the price for our sin. It is real. It is love. It is trust. It is faith. It is dependence on a Heavenly Father to provide, protect, and guide you on an eternal path to His heart. It is […]

Definition of Authentic Christianity by Josh Gale, Charleston Southern

If I were to try and pick out an authentic Christian from a group of believers, I would not look at their actions or what they proclaim.  Instead I would look at the fruit that they yield.

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