“My Story” by Josh Gale, Charleston Southern

Throughout my life, God has pursued me-relentlessly. I don’t mean that God chased me until I surrendered and became a Christian. In fact, the initial awareness of that unmitigating pursuit began way after my salvation. For the longest time my faith consisted of the knowledge that I had the fire insurance (salvation) in my back […]

Definition of Authentic Christianity by Lee Davis, Charleston Southern

Authentic Christianity is selflessness; understanding that it’s not about us at all. Just as Christ gave His life for the whole universe, we can show that love in selflessness to one another.

Definition of Authentic Christianity by Eric Ketcham, The College of Charleston

Authentic Christianity is surrender.  It is surrendering to God, His will, His ways, and His plans.  It is letting go of self and independence.  It is casting off worldly ways of thinking and being.  It is embracing the Kingdom of God.  Through this surrender salvation is received, the Holy Spirit is given and lives are […]

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