What Others Are Saying About “Authenticity”

Charleston Southern senior Lee Davis shares his story and what Authenticity means to him:


“The author—their thoughts, experiences, maturity and character—is indistinguishable from the works they write. That’s why you want to read Authenticity; Chad speaks from an intimate and abiding walk with Christ, and he’s spent years teaching and coaching others in doing the same. Strangely, this is a unique book as it’s written from the perspective of an experienced Discipler: not Pastor, not Blogger, not Counselor, but someone skilled in the art of personal, biblical discipleship: someone who traffics daily in the netherworld between orthodoxy (right belief) and orthopraxy (right practice) where all of us live.” –Rick James, Publisher CruPress, author A Million Ways To Die and Jesus Without Religion

“Rarely does the title of a book perfectly match the subject matter AND the author. Such is the case with Authenticity by Chad Young. In my 25 years of working with college students I have encountered many campus leaders who made a significant mark for Christ and His Kingdom among the campus community. Among these Christ-followers, Chad Young stands out in remarkable ways. I believe Authenticity is the first of several books the Lord will give Chad to enlarge his influence and ministry as a disciple-builder among emerging adults. Authenticity should be required reading for every Christian high school and college student who is serious about spiritual growth and leadership.” –Dr. Rick Brewer, President, Louisiana College

“After spending time with Chad, one thing that you learn very quickly is that he has a desire to live his life in a way that glorifies God. I have been able to witness first hand through Chad’s life some of the fundamentals Chad shares in this book. In Authenticity, you find a book that is open, honest, and straightforward, just like Chad. Within the pages of this book are resources that can help guide anyone who has a true desire to know and follow God down the path of authentic Christianity.” –Nelson Akwari, USL PRO and Major League Soccer player, currently with the L.A. Blues

Chad combines his insight into Scripture with his tremendous storytelling ability to produce a must-read for students desiring a truly authentic walk with Christ.” Dr. Bill Jones, President, Columbia International University, Founder, Crossover Communications International


“Chad takes you through his journey in the way that the guy next door would. He discusses how he has overcome many of the challenges that we all go through on a daily basis, and as a result he could not be happier living for the Lord. This was a refreshing and informative look at ways that we can change our outlooks and ultimately change our lives.” Bryce Florie, Former Major League Baseball Pitcher

“With great insight, engaging humor, and his own real-life story Chad engages and challenges believers, in very practical ways, to follow Jesus. I’ve personally spent time with Chad and his family, and without a doubt he’s as authentic as they come.”
Cas Monaco, Executive Director, Faculty Commons

“In this intensely personal and yet universal book, Chad Young has written of what it means to let oneself see through the inauthenticity it sometimes seems surrounds the church. By turns memoir, devotional, instruction manual and just plain good storytelling, Authenticity is a must read.”Bret Lott, College of Charleston English professor, author of several highly critically claimed novels, including Jewel, an Oprah’s Book Club Selection

“After working closely with Chad for a few years, he demonstrates an authentic relationship with Christ on a daily basis. People are naturally drawn to Chad because they desire to have the same genuine relationship with God that Chad has. In this book, not only does he articulate an “authenticity” that is exemplified in his daily walk with the Lord, but he does a great job of conveying these vital relational truths in a simple and understandable fashion. This book is a great guide in growing closer to the Lord!” Tom Heinemann, Major League Soccer player, currently with the Columbus Crew

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